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Master manikure and pedikure
Our beauty salon Vıa Mare is characterized by the highest quality of work, excellent service and a reverent attitude to each client. Our team needs strong and motivated people who are ready to grow and develop within the company with a great prospect and gaining more and more popularity. In this you will be helped by constant trainings, advanced training, good working conditions and a good atmosphere in our team.


Master of Eyelash Extensions / Leshmeyker

• Eyelash extension (classic + volumes)
• Performing the procedure "Laminating eyelashes"
• Execution of the procedure "Botox for eyelashes"
• Competent advice to clients on the services of the studio;

• Knowledge of the latest trends and technologies of eyelash extension
• Experience in the salons.
• High speed of operation
• Knowledge of sterilization rules, SES requirements;
• Good communication skills and presentable appearance;
• Presence of diplomas, certificates confirming your qualification - is welcomed;

Master of manicure and pedicure

• execution of all types of manicure (classic / European / hardware / combined, treatment and restoration of nails)
• performance of all types of pedicure (classical / European / hardware / combined, treatment and restoration of nails)
• work with persistent coatings, gels, gel-varnishes and so on.
• Cover under the cuticle
• Care, massage + spa programs
• design
• nail extensions
• strengthening of natural nails with gel
• work experience from 1 year (availability of work photos)
• love for your profession, the desire to develop and quickly learn
• high quality of work
• customer-oriented, communicative
• ability to work on time (required)
• honesty, decency
• punctuality, responsibility
• grooming, accuracy
• Knowledge of the rules of SANPIN (treatment and sterilization of instruments)
• Stable salary (fixed salary + percentage of services)
• Official registration
• Bonus incentive system for employees
• Equipped workplace, work on interior materials
• High cross-country capability
Call, we will be glad to see you in your team!
Send your CV to viamare2017@yandex.ru
Phone for communication +90 533 847 7174
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